Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

A two-month journey to wholeness

At Samarpan we understand that the journey into wholeness has its inevitable series of trials and tribulations. Our Intensive Recovery Programs (IOP) are designed to equip you with the tools to surmount these challenges. We currently offer the following Intensive Recovery Programs:

Intensive Outpatient Program for Mental Health Recovery (55 hours | 2 months)

The two-month recovery program provides 55 hours of multi-modal, multidisciplinary treatment delivered via the following array of services:

  • 40 Hours of Group Counselling Sessions

    Group Sessions to help you learn the fundamental tools of recovery and develop a support system Group Sessions are held 2.5 hours per day on two days every week.

  • 8 hours of Individual Counselling Sessions

    Weekly Individual Counselling sessions to resolve deeper underlying concerns

  • 4 Family Group Sessions

    Bi-weekly Family Group sessions to help align your family with your recovery goals

  • 2 Psychiatric Consultations

    A Psychiatric Consultation to determine if medications might be helpful followed by medication management if indicated

  • 1 Psychological Assessment

    A Comprehensive Psychological Assessment to accurately identify issues of concern

Please reach out to us at 1800 2100 220 to know more about the program details, program dates, and pricing.

We use the Transdiagnostic Approach to resolve the Mental Health conditions

The growing consensus among international experts as well as current empirical research is increasingly endorsing the utilization of a transdiagnostic approach to resolving mental health conditions. It is based on the conception that increased negative distress and attempts to avoid this distress are at the core of several diverse conditions including depression, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders.

Research has demonstrated that the brain deploys several psychological (transdiagnostic) processes across these diverse conditions to reduce this distress which in actuality inadvertently contributes to the perpetuation and maintenance of these conditions.

Examples of these transdiagnostic processes include:
  • Repetitive Negative Thinking/Rumination
  • Intolerance of Uncertainty
  • Avoidance/Safety Behavior
  • Attentional Bias
  • Perfectionistic Standards
  • Emotional Arousal/Numbing
  • Cognitive Distortions
  • Intrusive Thoughts and Memories

The transdiagnostic protocol that we utilize at Samarpan applies a core set of evidence-based treatment principles and techniques derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to target these common processes, rather than targeting the symptoms of specific disorders.

The protocol incorporates three core principles to target commonalities between emotional disorders: (a) increasing mindful awareness of emotions, (b) increasing cognitive flexibility, and (c) reducing emotion avoidance.

The outcome of learning to apply these principles is the capacity to regulate and thereby gain mastery over the increased distress that underpins several diverse conditions including depression, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders

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