Which Countries Have The Best Mental Health Centres?
Which Countries Have The Best Mental Health Centres?
18 Sep 2023

Whether you have access to good quality mental health treatment is entirely dependent on which country you live in. Some countries offer decent state-funded treatment, while other countries only provide quality mental health care if you’re willing to pay.

In this blog, we take a look at which countries offer their citizens the best mental treatment. If you are not a citizen of one of the countries, you still have good options available. Contact Samarpan Health for world-class mental health care.

Where Are The Best Mental Mental Health Centres?

Below is a rundown of some of the countries that have some of the best mental health centres in the world. These countries may also have community outreach mental health schemes so mental health professionals can visit you in your home.

United Kingdom

The UK offers free or low-cost treatment for all its residents through the National Health Service (NHS). UK residents who have mental health issues can register their interest in therapy sessions with their General Practioner doctor and expect to start one-on-one sessions within a couple of months.

In recent years the NHS has been hit with a funding crisis, which has meant that people in some regions of the UK now face long waiting times to receive mental health treatment.


The mental health system in the Netherlands combines primary care, specialized treatment centres and community support. All residents of the Netherlands are able to access these services. There is a focus on early intervention for mental health problems, which means that people do not have to wait until their mental health issue is deemed “severe enough” for them to receive treatment.

This approach saves unnecessary suffering, as someone with a mental health problem that has not yet reached crisis point can get help.


Canada is another country where mental health treatment is funded by the state. There is a solid network of community programs for treatment, as well as therapy options for people suffering from poor mental health.

Mental health problems are now far less stigmatized in Canada, which has been instrumental in encouraging more people to get treatment.

United States

To access state-funded care in the United States, you must be eligible for Medicaid. This is a system in the US that helps cover medical costs for US citizens who have limited resources. Medicaid is also available for pregnant women, women with young children, people over the age of 65 and those who are blind or deaf.

Public sector mental health care varies across the United States. While in some states there are mental health professionals who provide a decent service, there are areas of the US where it is difficult to access good quality government-funded mental health care.

The US does have ample private mental health centres. Some of these facilities are the best in the world. They offer well-trained, caring and supportive therapists, and provide luxurious environments for clients. The down-side to these places is that care can be prohibitively expensive. One-on-one sessions come to hundreds of dollars per hour, and if you wish to stay at one of these facilities as an inpatient, you should expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars per month.


In many ways, mental health treatment still lags behind in India when compared to other countries. Traditional government-funded mental health centres tend to be woefully behind the times. At these centres, there is often a lack of evidence-based treatment methods. At the worst of these mental health centres, few people are restored to normality.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, and some government-funded institutions do good work with limited funds, but these are not common.

In 2022, a state-funded tele mental health scheme was launched in India. 20 states across the country are initially involved and there are plans to make this service country-wide. It aims to provide counselling, a consultation with a specialist and prescriptions where needed.

This scheme helps to provide mental health care for people in areas who might normally not be able to receive care. People living in rural areas are expected to benefit from this service.

But fortunately there are now premium alternatives available for mental health treatment in India. In recent years there have been private mental health centres springing up across the country. Centres like Samarpan provide their clients with evidence-based mental care, comfortable environments and staff who have abundant training in mental health matters.

The level of treatment at facilities like Samarpan is comparable to private mental health centres in some of the other countries on this list. But while these centres are often incredibly expensive, even for wealthy individuals, mental health centres such as Samarpan are a little more reasonably priced.

Should I Go To Mental Health Centres In India Or Abroad?

If you are based in India and are debating whether to attend a mental health centre in India or abroad, you should first consider these variables.


As we mentioned above, private mental health care is reasonably inexpensive compared with many other countries around the world. When considering mental health treatment in another country, you should also consider the cost of flights and accommodation. These alone can add up to as much as the total cost of treatment in India.

Distance From Home

Traveling thousands of kilometers for mental health treatment can be challenging for people with mental health difficulties. And for long-haul flights, you may be faced with a series of flights, each with a layover in between. Being in another country can also be somewhat disorientating, which may place additional mental health strain on you.

Being so far away from home also means that you are away from family and friends who may be able to support you while you receive treatment. While therapy is the best way of addressing mental health problems, it can sometimes bring old thoughts and feelings to the surface. Having the people who love you around when this happens can be a real blessing.

Level Of Care

Many people travel to foreign countries as they believe that they will receive a much higher level of mental health care. In previous years, this was absolutely the case. India was found lacking when it came to mental health facilities, as government institutions were woefully underfunded, and private mental health centres were non-existent.

Now, though, it is possible to get state-of-the-art mental health treatment within the country. At Samarpan, we offer our clients the level of care that they would expect overseas, without having to leave India, and without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money.

Samarpan Health - One Of The Leading Mental Health Centres In India

Samarpan Health is one of the private mental health centres that have become more widely available in India in recent years. We believe that our approach to mental health treatment rivals that of the best centres abroad and feel this is backed up by our track record of mental health excellence. We are located in Churchgate in Mumbai, and welcome anyone who is interested in mental health treatment to come and have a chat.

If you’d like to arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to give us a call today. We’d love to hear from you.

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